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A new way for startups and corporations to work together with the Blockchain

Program details for corporations

Been thinking about the Blockchain? Let's discuss ways the Blockchain can solve what ails you.
ChainForce is the fastest and cheapest way to explore and test your corporate Blockchain ideas.
A ‘Safe Place’ to explore

Big companies often don’t have Blockchain expertise and it’s hard for projects that might be perfectly suited for the Blockchain to get rolling. Also there often are internal politics to maneuver around — ChainForce provides an easy way around all of this.

How does it work

Bring your ideas to us or brainstorm from scratch. We'll flush everything out and then pair up with a startup to build out a working prototype. It's not a product but should prove whether Blockchain technology can be used to solve your problem. Projects take 4-6 weeks to complete from start to finish.
All findings are written up and shared with the public.

What’s the catch?

There is none! It doesn't cost anything other than your time, knowledge and willingness to commit to the program. We'll be right with you the entire way — Orange Silicon Valley and our Partners want to understand and promote Blockchain and we see this as a great way to learn and support this nascent industry.

Where do I start?

We accept requests on a rolling basis. If there are slots available in the program and your use case is something we think we can match with a local startup we'll contact you ASAP.
Current status of the program:


Program details for startups

Apply your expertise to real world usecases. Take a 4-6 week adventure with us and show the world how great your technology is.

About us

Orange Silicon Valley: a part of Orange in the Silicon Valley
We believe the Blockchain is entering a 5 year technology cycle...

Orange Silicon Valley (OSV) is the Bay Area division of Orange, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, serving 236 million customers across 220 countries. At OSV, we thrive on collaboration, working closely with Silicon Valley & San Francisco to foster innovation and seek out disruption. In an accelerating present we anticipate that the future is closer than we think. We act as guides to the digital revolution occurring in the San Francisco Bay Area, regularly hosting startups, businesses, and corporate leadership from around the world.

OSV strongly believes in the great opportunities brought by the Blockchain and welcomes both companies and Startups in its facilities to make the most of this technology. With the creation of ChainForce, Orange wishes to make a materiel support by providing its own resources to support the organization of meetings and the implementation of innovative projects.

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